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The International Recruitment Jobsearch webSite, jobs in the uk, canada, america, south africa, australia and new zealand. it vacancies, medical vacancies, insurance jobs, sales jobs, marketing jobs, employment specialists only. Hits: 19646

Anywork Anywhere
The international recruitment site for students, backpackers and global travellers advertising casual, seasonal and temporary job openings and information on work in the UK and worldwide, from summer jobs abroad to longer term travelling jobs.

Search many different categories on the site for jobs abroad including boats, ships & barges or working in campsites & holiday parks. Chef jobs, cooks and other catering or hospitality jobs plus childcare, au pairs & nannie jobs can be located. Conservation as a voluntary worker, construction and labour plus trades through to driving & deliveries and events & promotional vacancies can be located for jobs in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Find factory & production jobs in France, fisheries & forestry work in Norway or fruit picking & farm work in Spain. Fundraising & charities to hair, beauty & therapies vacancies in Denmark, Greece or Ireland. Horticulture & landscaping to French language jobs music & entertainment, projects & work programmes or sports and outdoor jobs in Spain. Portugal, Italy or France. Activity ski & winter resorts jobs in Austria, Italy or in the Swiss alps. Summer resorts including trekking & guiding in Ireland, Sweden or France. Countries covered for jobs are Canada, Croatia, Poland, Spain and Greece as well as Ireland, Japan and Switzerland or New Zealand and Germany plus other countries in Europe. Hits: 26139

A guide for taking a gap year out, working holidays, voluntary work and jobs abroad. Hits: 7397

Voluntary Service Overseas
Volunteers working in the developing world, sharing skills and changing lives, sharing skills with communities in the developing world Hits: 6097

World Service Enquiry
Information about working or volunteering overseas in the third world, job magazine, talk to an advisor, register on database Hits: 3794 is a job site to use for the latest seasonal and gap year holiday jobs. Find work in Alpine ski resorts, chalets or summer jobs in the UK and abroad. From beach, activity, catering and hospitality through to instructor and other leisure, travel and tourism jobs. Hits: 373

Gapyearjobs - Fundraisers and working with leading charities in all sectors including evironment and science research jobs. Find a gap year job abroad online. Hits: 4164

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